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Leo Darwin is a life coach whose life is falling apart

Leo Darwin appears to have everything — a thriving practice, a best-selling book and a beautiful wife and child. But in reality, he’s about to be evicted from his office, his marriage […]


BLUE PALMS High-Brow Art Meets Low-Brow Humor Blue Palms is a raucous series about a group of eccentric artists living in a dilapidated Hollywood apartment complex. It’s like a demented […]

Gone Doggy Gone

LOS ANGELES — Gone Doggy Gone is a comedic feature about an LA couple who treat their dog like a baby until it gets kidnapped. What ensues is an outlandish cat-and-mouse adventure […]

Staff Room

Originally published at Ep 1: The Birthday Boy Ep 2: The Trust Fall Ep 3: The Sponsored Haircut Watch STAFF ROOM — Series episodes 1–5 REVIEWS: Staff Room tells the story of Ian Butterworth, […]


Abstraction  —  Feature Film is out. Thank you for watching. Abstraction is an action/drama heist film written & directed by Prince Bagdasarian, starring Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (Dark Knight), […]


ABOUT THE FILM Kickstarted follows the stories of three creators who turn to the ‘crowd’ in order to pursue their dreams. These creators all recognized that crowdfunding has opened the […]

Dig Two Graves — Netflix

A girl’s grief over her brother’s tragic death leads her to make a pact with moonshiners promising to bring him back to life — for a steep price. Hunter Adams’s […]