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Ep 1: The Birthday Boy

Ep 2: The Trust Fall

Ep 3: The Sponsored Haircut

Watch STAFF ROOM — Series episodes 1–5


Staff Room tells the story of Ian Butterworth, a thirty year old failed filmmaker who has given up on his Hollywood dream to become a secondary school teacher. It’s Ian’s first day and things aren’t going to plan. He’s interrupted a sponsored silence, embarrassed himself in front of the girl he likes, been ridiculed by the Principal in an assembly and now has a psychotic bully on his tail. It’s just like being a pupil all over again. Yet despite his difficult start, Ian begins to learn a new lesson, one he didn’t expect, that perhaps starting over isn’t as bad as he initially feared, as friendships and even romance blossoms inside the staff room.

Co-creator Ryan McDermott stars as hapless media teacher Ian Butterworth. Zoe Lister (Hollyoaks) plays love interest Lucy Lucas, a character who was once a bestselling novelist but is now suffering from writers’ block and taking refuge at the school teaching English… continue reading at British Comedy Guide




New and familiar faces at the Staff Room premiere
Guest star Rebecca Atkinson, 2014

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