High-Brow Art Meets Low-Brow Humor

Blue Palms is a raucous series about a group of eccentric artists living in a dilapidated Hollywood apartment complex. It’s like a demented “Three’s Company” dedicated to those who never gave up on their dreams, even after their dreams gave up on them.

First look at the Blue Palms cast

Mike Judge
Mike Drucker
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Kevin Pollak
Matthew Modine
Richard Reihle


When Buddy Feckelson, a once promising cartoonist, falls on hard times, he’s forced to rent out his one-bedroom apartment and sleep in the living room.  When things get worse, he begins renting out floor space.

His two roommates are Ginny, an out-of-work actress who moonlights as a princess at children’s parties, currently on suspension for sleeping with one of the dads, and Mudmoosh, a failed Albanian rocker who spent his fortune on hair-loss treatments.

The series traces the outlandish antics of these three outsider artists as they toil desperately for fame, success and critical acceptance.

What crisis will befall them next? What absurd new scheme will they hatch to “be discovered”?  What could possibly go wrong?!